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Mail Order Service

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5616 E Repetto St E Los Angeles CA 90022

We have a drop off system. Please place clippers in the bin, take a photo of them with your phone, and text the photo with your full name to 323-237-2885.
We will call you when your clippers are ready. Thank you.


Tip Of The Week

Our Tip of The Week features name brands and industry awareness about what’s new in Trimmers, clippers, maintenance, repair, and how they perform.

We will also update you on who’s in the Clipper/Trimmer Metal industry featuring barbers, hair stylists, beauticians and pet groomers. Our weekly reports and reviews will let you know what’s up!

Our Team


Owner & Manager

Hello, I’m Manny. I been in the clipper repair and sharpening business for 35 years. Certified machinist and inventor. My family has been in barber industry for 60 years. I’m available Monday to Wednesday 9 am to 4 pm.

Hello, I’m Art been working with my my family for over 10 years now.
With ever learning trade which is exciting every day. My Dad has lots of experience and expansive among of knowledge in sharpening & machining.



Business Manager

Hello, I’m Terry been sharpening and repairing clipper for 30 years.
Family Strong working together. We service Brand like Andis, Oster, Wahl, BaByliss and others.

Manny's Sharpening